Friday Five

Ickmusic’s Friday Five: May 16, 2008

A Glass and a Half in Every Shuffle.

You can’t hurry love, but this week I’ll be hitting you all with a ‘speed round’ of the Five…

Here are this week’s tracks:

1. Jay-Z – ’03 Bonnie & Clyde (feat. Beyoncé Knowles) (from The Blueprint²: The Gift & The Curse (disc 1: The Gift))

Mr. & Mrs. Carter rocking a cover (in the loosest term) of 2Pac’s “Me and My Girlfriend” with a little twist of Prince’s “If I Was Your Girlfriend”. I have to say that I have more respect for this couple for managing to be very high profile celebrities and not allow every moment of the lives be invaded by the media. They should be role models for how to live a celebrity life!

2. Maceo ParkerGeorgia on My Mind (MP3) (from Life on Planet Groove)

There’s no doubt that when it comes to funk there are few funkier than Maceo. I always love hearing him taking his talents and applying them outside of the funk as well. Here it’s all about the voice. I just found out the Maceo and Soulive are performing at the Tarrytown Music Hall and if my schedule allows I’ll be in attendance.

3. Steve Perry – Girl Can’t Help It (from 1994-11-22: Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GA, USA (disc 1))

There is no substitute. This was taken from one of the great circulating bootlegs from his For the Love of Strange Medicine Tour.

4. The Cure – A Letter to Elise (from Wish)

This track is a masterclass in how to pour your entire heart, soul and being into a song. One of, if not my absolute, favorite Cure songs (it’s a tie between this and “Pictures of You”).

And every time I try to pick it up
Like falling sand
As fast as I pick it up
It runs away through my clutching hands


5. Portishead – Silence (from Third)

The opening track from Portishead’s latest. I’ve not totally gotten into this new record yet despite numerous tries.

So what’s playing as you are rushing out the door?


  • ljhord

    1. “Fool On The Hill” by The Beatles from “Magical Mystery Tour”, 1967.

    2. “Looking For The Summer” by Chris Rea from “Auberge”, 1991.

    3. “Statesboro Blues” by The Allman Brothers Band from “The Allman Brothers at Fillmore East”, 1971.

    4. “As Long As You Follow” by Fleetwood Mac from “Greatest Hits”, 1988.

    5. “The Blues Don’t Tell It All” by Little Feat from “Under The Radar”, 1998.

  • Skittles

    1. “No Destination” by Them vs Them – I’m good friends with this great band from Chicago. This song was on their first EP.

    2. “March of the Swivelheads” by The English Beat – If you’ve seen “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” you’ll recognize this as the song playing towards the end of the film when Ferris is trying to hightail it home through everyone’s backyard.

    3. “Perfume” by Sparks – This is my favorite track from their last album, “Hello Young Lovers.” I am so excited about their new album, which comes out this month.

    4. “Here You Come Again” by Dolly Parton – I love Dolly. How can you not? The cover of that album is the best.

    5. “Bold Soul Sister” by Tina Turner – This is one of the songs I play when I need an instant mood-lifter. Never fails to deliver.

  • RobC

    Missed last week, was getting ready for a trip to NYC.

    1. “Finding My Way” by Rush (from Retrospective I 1974-1980) – I’ve probably only ever heard this song one other time (when I first got the CD). There are only certain Rush songs I listen to.

    2. “Behind My Camel” by The Police (from Message In A Box: Complete Recordings – Disc 2) – I LOVE the Police, but again I’ve hit a song that I rarely listen to (and would probably skip if it came up). One of their few instrumentals.

    3. “Fitter Happier” by Radiohead (from OK Computer) – Man, I’m hitting songs I don’t listen to from bands I like tonight! I would usually skip over this unless I was listening to all of OK Computer (an incredible album).

    4. “One In A Million” by Miley Cyrus (from Hannah Montana 2) – Ok, the most feared thing has happened (and the first week after I suggested it might!). This is from my daughter’s collection, but I guess if the Muppets count then this has to also!

    5. “What Is Love” by Haddaway (from Much Dance 90s) – The 2nd week in a row for me from this CD?! This is my wife’s and I really can’t stand it. I guess I’m going to have to make a playlist of just my music for future Fridays!

    Overall, a terrible showing for me this week!!!

  • Pete

    Saturday morning in Arizona, just took my first dose of Robitussin (killer cough, not recreation), and it’s time to jam…..

    1. “Something” | The Beatles | from Abbey Road (1969) | My favorite Beatles album, especially side 2 (“Here Comes the Sun” and onward).

    2. “Seventeen” | Sex Pistols | from Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols (1977) | It must be classic album Saturday, let’s see what comes up next…

    3. “Space Kay” | Daniel Lanois | from Shine (2003) | Okay, not classic album Saturday. Lanois is a Producer extraordinaire (Dylan, U2, Peter Gabriel), and also has a great collection of albums himself. Shine is more on the mellow, ambient side, and a great ride.

    4. “Housequake (7 Minutes Mo’ Quake)” | Prince | from Hot Thing 12″ Maxi-Single (1987) | I long for the days when Prince used to hit us with these 12″ maxi-singles, extended versions, wacked out B-sides… those were the days.

    5. “New Deep” | John Mayer | from Heavy Things (2003) | I got this album for my wife. I can’t call myself a fan, but it’s enjoyable stuff when I hear it.

  • Gonzo

    Drat – I was to busy with a day of record shopping (and a night of drinking) to take part. Here’s my belated entry for the week:

    1. NIN – “Big Man with a Gun.” I rarely listen to NIN anymore. No disrespect to Trent, but it’s just not my thing. I tuned out after The Fragile. Generally I gravitate towards Pretty Hate Machine and Broken these days when I want my ‘fix’ (pun intended).

    2. Gore Gore Girls – “Mary Ann” – one of my favorite contemporary garage bands (and they put on a great show). This is from last year’s “Get the Gore” album, their best yet, imo.

    3. Janet Jackson – “Let’s Wait a While” – still a nice little pop ballad. A friend and I have been trying to come up with other pro-abstinence pop songs, to little avail.

    4. Common – “They Say” – definitely one of my favorite hip hoppers out there today. Can’t wait for his new one to drop, which promises to be a “summer party album” rather than the eloquent socially conscious hip hop he tends to put out.

    5. Dizzee Rascal – “Jezebel” – from Boy in da Corner, which I don’t listen to enough. I tend to stick with last year’s Maths & English. I should work on that.

  • whiteray

    I’m late! It’s Saturday evening! But here’s what mid-way through the weekend brings me:

    1. “St. Elmo’s Fire (Man in Motion)” by John Parr from the soundtrack to “St. Elmo’s Fire,” 1985. Oh, well, at least it’s not “Never Ending Story” by Limahl.

    2. “Circle Dance” by Bonnie Raitt from “Longing in Their Hearts,” 1994. A sweet, sad song from an under-rated singer.

    3. “Nug Mraw A Si Ssenippah” by Seltaeb from “Sdrawkcab,” 2006. Someone had the brilliant idea a couple of years ago of posting to a forum a large number of Beatles songs played backwards. Truth to tell, it’s more of a novelty than anything else, and sometimes it sounds like the product of a mad Russian.

    4. “Mystified” by Fleetwood Mac from “Tango In The Night,” 1987. An often-ignored Mac album, it’s actually one of my favorites. Memories, I suppose.

    5. “Let’s Just Let It Be” by the Cate Brothers from “In One Eye & Out The Other,” 1976. The Cates had one minor hit, “Union Man,” but otherwise their blend of blue-eyed soul, country and rock was ignored. More our loss than theirs.

    Props for Daniel Lanois and Chris Rea up above. (And “Abbey Road,” of course!)

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