Set List: Tom Waits at the Orpheum Theater, June 17

Because I’m super geeky about this kind of stuff, here’s the set list from tonight’s Tom Waits show at the Orpheum Theater in Phoenix. The first on his Glitter and Doom Tour, and my very first Waits experience. Much more to come in a future post, but wanted to pass along the set list…

Doesn’t get much better than a 8th row seat to a Tom Waits show…

Tom Waits
The Orpheum Theater, Phoenix, Ariz.
June 17th, 2008

* This was the set list as I took it down that night. Any corrections? Hit me in the comments…

Lucinda / Ain’t Goin’ Down to the Well
Hoist That Rag
Come On Up to the House
Jesus Gonna Be Here
Black Market Baby
Rain Dogs
Trampled Rose
Goin’ Out West
Murder in the Red Barn
Anywhere I Lay My Head
Cemetery Polka
Get Behind the Mule
Eyeball Kid
Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis [TW on piano]
Picture in a Frame [TW on piano]
Invitation to the Blues [TW on piano]
Innocent When You Dream [TW on piano]
Lie To Me
Chocolate Jesus
Make It Rain

Way Down in the Hole
God’s Away On Business

Tom Leaves the stage (click for a larger image). Not too bad for iPhone pics.


  • jared

    Thanks for the post. I have 11th row seats for the st louis show, and have been waiting for someone to post a set list

  • Paul

    Very nice picture. But I must say, it does get just a TAD bit better… when one has 3rd row seats.
    Sorry, mate. 🙂
    Thanks for the list.

  • jd

    Although I do appreciate the set list, I guess the signs posted all over the theater saying “absolutely no photos, video recordings or cameras” meant nothing to you. Quite disrespectful indeed. And to think, you call yourself a fan. Not sure what Mr. Waits would say about that.

  • Dave

    Thanks a bunch for this! I’m seeing Waits in El Paso on Friday night. It’ll be interesting to see how the list changes…

    JD’s right. How dare you steal a piece of Tom’s soul by photographing him. ; )

  • Mark

    Anyone know where I can find the set list for 6/18? I have been spoiled by my years with the Grateful Dead. They are crazy for posting setlits. Thanks for the help and mybe I will see some of you in Knoxville

  • al

    How come no one remembers, “Till The Money Runs Out” from the first show?
    The list above was ripped from somewhere that doesn’t know, or remember all the songs from the set.

  • Pete

    Damn, some of you Waits fans are an ornery bunch (okay, well only a couple so far)…

    Hey al, I took down that set list as I watched. I AM a relative newbie to most of Waits music, but I don’t recall hearing “Till the Money Runs Out”. I have had ‘Heartattack and Vine’ for about 10 years, and unless it was snuck into one of the other songs, it was not played at the first show…
    Were you there?

    I did find out after the fact that part of “Ain’t Goin Down to the Well” was played during the opener, “Lucinda”. I updated the set list.

  • Mark

    Tom was/is amazing. I attended the first night, 5th row. I am still in awe over his performance. This was my First Live Waits show and it was worth every red cent I spent on the auction tickets, which was much, much more than the$90 face value. It worth every blazing hot, boring mile I drove from San Diego and back…. every gallon of over priced gasoline I burned through..
    I even endured through a nasty head cold I caught on Monday a day before the show… No runny nose, sneeze, watery eyes or chest heaving cough was gonna stop me from seeing the gift that Tom gave to all of us who attended.
    Thank you Tom,….thank you !

  • hitch

    I think it’s great he’s back again this year but the setlists look identical to Orphans? Don’t get me wrong I would pay to hear him sing the phone book. But it would have been nice to hear something diiferent seeing as I saw two shows that tour.

  • Kenny

    Got tickets for second night in Edinburgh ,,,can see the tour being adjusted for Europe but I am pleased about all the reviews I have read .

    Seen him 21 yrs ago and I can’t wait .

    Him and Dylan ,last of the breed .

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