Greg Brown’s Eugene

Boy, does this song hit me juust in the right place on so many levels. Greg’s low-down baritone narrative, and the purely American imagery his lyrics evoke, make me close my eyes, sit back, and just listen. The detailed vignettes he weaves together in this song are wildly entertaining, funny, thought provoking, and not without a hint of bittersweet sadness.

This song is about traveling this great country, and the freedom and independence a person can find in the outdoors. A song about fly fishing. A song about overcoming “the blandification of our whole situation.” A song about how “sometime you gottta go not look for nothin’.”

It’s a song that’s about going away from civilization and rediscovering this world, reminding yourself that when all the ugliness of mankind is stripped away, it’s a staggeringly beautiful world we live in.

It’s a song that makes me want to go back to the mountains of southwest Colorado and go fly fishing with my dad.

Greg BrownEugene (mp3)



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