Arriving at Fort Nightly

A tip o’ the hat to‘s recommendation engine, which graciously passed White Rabbits’ “Fort Nightly” through my ears last night.  There’s something exotic – nay, sexy, my friends! – about this song. Maybe it’s the multirhythmic quality that drives the song. And by multirhythmic I mean White Rabbits employ two drummers. Bang Bang!

And the piano interlude at 01:28 make me think of a smoky French ballroom, where a Scarlett Johanssen-esque figure emerges through an ornate 15 foot archway, a glass of champagne in her hand – her gaze seductively fixed on you – er – I mean me. She walks up to me, leans into my ear – her perfume intoxicating – and whispers: “That’ll be $8”.

I hand her a ten, say “Keep the change” and hand the glass to my even sexier wife. [Editor’s Note: Hey, the Mrs. reads my posts. I’m not stupid, you know!!]

Photo credit: Lucy Hamblin

Great tune. Five stars. What a first impression!

White RabbitsFort Nightly (mp3) – from their 2007 (and latest) album Fort Nightly

Links: Official Site | MySpace


  • PG

    If you have itunes, may I make a few suggestions? I think you’d like their live set. One song is the randy newman song “beehive state” that transitions seamlessly into “Fort Nightly”. Also, itunes has a single of their new song “Cotillion Blues”. That’s a good one, too.

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