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Tom Jones – 24 Hours

On his new album due out November 25th (the 17th in the UK), Tom Jones covers “The Hitter”, one of my favorites off Springsteen’s Devils and Dust record. So I went to Tom’s web site to track it down. It’s not available yet, but I was quite taken with the title track, “24 Hours” – a very dark, somber track. It brings to mind a couple of tracks dealing with life’s finality from the perspective of Death Row – Bruce’s “Dead Man Walking”, and Steve Earle’s “Ellis Unit One“.

I’m not positive that the subject of “24 Hours” is a death row prisoner, but it sure seems that way: ‘I’ve got one more minute, 24 hours to go..”

Great song, and now I can see exactly how “The Hitter” will fit into the album, and how I’m confident that Tom Jones will do it some serious justice.

Check it out…


Update: And here’s “The Hitter”:

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