Friday Five

Ickmusic’s (late) Friday Five, November 21st, 2008

Michael-el-el-el-el!!   *looking around*


Well folks, Michael is AWOL this Friday, so although it’s late, I shall post my own Friday Five on behalf of Michael since we’ve had this feature going for about a bajillion weeks in a row.  Here’s what’s shuffling on my faithful Mac tonight…

1. “Young Turks” – Rod Stewart. from Tonight I’m Yours: A great piece of early 80’s pop from Mr. Stewart.

2. “God Knows What I Want” – Moodswings, from Psychedelicatessen: the first two Moodswings albums are high on my list of favorites. Total chill music, a lot of ambient instrumental stuff, interspersed with some beautiful vocals like on this tune.

3. “Brownie Hawkeye” – Jason Collett, from Idols of Exile: I don’t listen to Jason enough. Always enjoy the indie-pop stuff he has to offer.

4. “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” – Elvis Presley, from Elvis: 30 #1 Hits: Perfection. Timeless.

5. “One Step Up” – Bruce Springsteen, from Love, Tears & Mystery: this is a great compilation from Bruce’s Devils & Dust tour. This one’s from August 3rd, 2005 (my 25th, I mean 35th birthday).

Your turn!!  What’s shufflin’ in your corner of the world?


  • Gonzo

    Better late than never…

    1. The Stooges – “Down on the Street” ; Opener from the great Fun House album.

    2. Nino Moschella – “Inside Yourself” Have you to thank for this one, Pete

    3. Juficer – “Centralia” Not one of my favorites by them.

    4. Duran Duran – “Skin Trade” Kind of an underrated cut from Simon and the boys.

    5. Megadeth – “I Thought I Knew it All” Well, that *is* random.

  • Michael

    The wife and I decided to make a last minute escape to Florida and I did not make it in front of a PC until just now. Thanks to Pete for covering for me. Here’s what I’ve got shuffling from the iPod…

    1. The Brian Setzer Orchestra – Sleepwalk (from The Dirty Boogie)

    2. Prince & The Revolution – Purple Rain (from Purple Rain)

    3. Breathe – Hands to Heaven (from All That Jazz)

    4. Kings of Leon – Use Somebody (from Only by the Night)

    5. Band of Horses – Marry Song (from Cease to Begin)

    I’ll be back Monday… See ya’ll next week.

  • Anne

    1. “The Water”, Feist, “The Reminder”, 2007. I had another Feist song last week.

    2. “All Day and All of the Night”, The Kinks–don’t know the album or year but who care! Great song!

    3. “Somewhere Down the Road”, Feist (again), Hottest State Soundtrack. What are the chances? I am sure that someone could figure out the chances that two songs from the same person come up. I cannot.

    4. “I Wouldn’t Do That to You”, Carey Ott, “Lucid Dream”. Nice pop music.

    5. “Kathleen”, Josh Ritter, “Hello Starling”, 2004. I love Josh!

  • KathyB

    1. “If I Were an Angel” by Nina Storey from “Shades” (1997). Jazzy, blues-pop (or poppy blues-jazz) from a local (Denver, CO) favorite.

    2. “A Chorus Line” from the Unoriginal Cast Recording of “Forbidden Broadway: Rude Awakening” (2007). I just put this in my iTunes two days ago and haven’t even listened to it yet. I have a lot of Forbidden Broadway.

    3. “Moon & Tree” by Blue Rodeo from “Tremolo” (1997). I know I’ve expressed my Blue Rodeo-love several times here before. This song is one of my favorites of the favorites.

    4. “Good Friday” by Elvis Perkins from “Ash Wednesday” (2007). Appropriate for the Friday Five, even if it is on Saturday. 🙂 Great song as well.

    5. “We Can Be Strong” by Willy Mason from “If the Ocean Gets Rough” (2007).

  • Gavinsdad

    yea haw !!!

    1) Where the Devil Dont Stay by the Drive By Truckers – The Dirty South
    —- what a band, they have a new project with Bettye Lavette at Muscle Shoals. Get It !!

    2) A Token of My Extreme by Zappa — Joes Garage
    — does a concept album get any more interesting than this one.

    3) Gas Girl by The Bottle Rockets from Bottle Rockets.
    — this is a great band that is fun to see live. Brian
    Henneman is the singer songwriter and is really good.

    4) Counting on Your by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers from the album Echo
    — my wife once saw Tom, Benmont, Howie, and Mike in an airport and told me that she has never seen any body as cool
    as them.

    5) Do You Really Want to Hurt Me by the Culture Club from Wedding Singer Sondtrack
    — thank god you guys did not bust me owning a Culture Club recored. Kinda like this song anyway. Who care what you guys think !!

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