Bruce Springsteen

Stream the Dream

Last Sunday night, “Working on a Dream” showed up on Sunday Night Football in heavily butchered form. Well now on New York’s Q104 web site, you can hear the song streaming in all its glory. Stream it here.

Dream Baby Dream – Speaking of dreams, for anyone who saw or heard anything from Bruce’s Devils & Dust tour a few years back, you’re familiar with his cover of Suicide’s “Dream Baby Dream”. It was a haunting and beautiful finale to many of the D&D shows – just Bruce and his pump organ.

Recently released on the Blast First Petite label is a 3 song EP that features one of Bruce’s live versions, one live Suicide version, and “Mr. Ray” by NYC’s Beat the Devil. I’m not sure what the connection is with Beat the Devil. Beats the devil out of me. Anyone?

Click the album cover to check out the EP on Amazon.

Tom Jones – “The Hitter”: And speaking of Devils & Dust, Tom Jones covers “The Hitter” on his new album which comes out this Tuesday in the U.S. Listen to part of it on the handy widget below. Mr. Jones hath set forth a different arrangement! Interesting…

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