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Ick’s Pick (Week I): Glasvegas

One of my resolutions for the new year – other than cutting down on the mass consumption of junk food – is to listen to one new album release every week. That’s where that super clever title up there comes from. The title implies that I need to do this 51 more times this year. And that I’ll use Roman numerals for the entirety. I’m up for the challenge!

My pick for the first album of 2009 is the new self-titled Glasvegas album. You hipper people, especially over in the UK, have probably heard of them. The band is from Glasgow, Scotland, hence the ‘Glasvegas’. The album was released over there last year.

After a few listens, I can report that… this is my favorite album of 2009! Okay, it’s also my only album of 2009! Heh.. Seriously though, this immediately caught on with me. The opener, “Flowers & Football Tops” reeled me right in. Take some sweeping guitar driven melodies, a Phil Spector Wall of Sound vibe, and the heavy Scottish accent of lead singer James Allan, and you’ve got yourself a very enjoyable album.

Other randoms:

  • Great Scottish accent moment: “What’s the story morning glory, I feel so low and hopeless.” – from the song “”It’s My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry” – right now, my favorite song on the album.
  • I could picture Joey Ramone, another Spector admirer, singing some of these songs.
  • James Allan looks like a young Joe Strummer. Especially in the Letterman clip below.

Here’s their video for “Geraldine”

Go listen to the whole album streaming for free at Spinner.com.

Check out their Letterman performance of “Geraldine” from Monday night.

Buy: Glasvegas


  • jazzmaster

    Very cool idea, Pete. I’m anxious to hear who makes your list.

    Regarding this tune… My first reactions was, “God… Not another Cold Play!” Fortunately, things took a turn for the better. I’m not “hooked” with just one listen, but maybe, just maybe, I’ll give ’em another spin.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  • Michael

    I can totally hear Ronnie Spector singing “It’s My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry”. Thanks for switching me onto these guys. The record is great.

  • oz

    I’m a sucker for any band that sings in accent, but I’m still struggling to make my way through the album. It’s hard to ignore some of the trite lyrics – especially when they jump into a nursery rhyme.

  • Pete

    Ah Oz, you must have just listened to “Cheating Heart”… “liar liar liar liar liar pants on fire”. I wouldn’t call the lyrics trite on the level of Nickelback trite… it’s original enough to me… what I can understand at least!

  • oz

    As trite at Nickelback? I didn’t say they could do the impossible!

    That “liar liar” was one. I thought I remember hearing a real nursery rhyme too. I’ll listen again today.

    I do remember the lyrics on Go Square Go – “Here we, here we, here we fucking go” repeated over and over.

    Also – Is it just me or do you hear Manic Monday when you listen to Flowers and Football Tops? Give it another listen and before the “woah woah” parts and throw in a “wish it was sunday” and “that’s my fun-day.”

    The Bangles were hot.

  • Pete

    I hear it… Susanna Hoffs. Yum.
    Prince was smart to pull that song from the Apollonia album and give it to the Bangles. He should have stuck with Susanna. Finally, someone shorter than he is!

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