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President Obama

What an amazing day. All of the majesty, symbolism, and History behind today’s inauguration of Barack Obama was nothing short of breathtaking. Thanks to, I was able to catch the Oath and the speech at work. It’s a very large corporation, with layers of security, firewalls, web filtering software and the like, so I was happy to see that at least one web site’s streaming video of the ceremony was working.

I must say though, I wasn’t impressed that: a) there was no acknowledgment by the company, no communication to its thousands upon thousands of employees, that addressed the magnitude and significance of the day.; and b) there was absolutely no enthusiasm, chatter – no nothin’ – from my co-workers. Sure, the economy sucks, everyone has a job to do, work work work, focus focus focus, blah blah. But to go the entire day at work with no one (around me, at least) even opening their mouth to talk about this historic day? Well, I was a little disheartened and disappointed. I figured my enthusiasm for the day would be matched at least by some people. Maybe they were out there, but they sure weren’t verbal about it.

But let my rant end there, and let me sum up by saying how refreshing it will be to wake up tomorrow with President Obama at the helm. I’m proud of my country, and I have the utmost confidence that this President will be a great leader through these very tough times.

Old Crow Medicine ShowI Hear Them All (mp3)

Did anyone see Old Crow Medicine Show on Austin City Limits recently? Great set, and prompted me to dig out some of their stuff. This song is fitting for the moment, in my opinion.

I hear leaders quit their lying
I hear babies quit their crying.
I hear soldiers quit their dying, one and all.

I hear them all
I hear them all
I hear them all



  • ger

    Ahh Pete – you’ll be happy to know that the company you used to work for (the one that still employs me after all these years for some reason) had the inauguration playing on all of the TVs in its breakrooms across the continent (yes, they played it everywhere in Canada, too). It was the first time I’ve felt celebratory at work in months. And for the first time in 7 years I missed, just a little, living in the US. Don’t get me wring – I’m so happy to live in my home and native land, but the weight that lifted yesterday was massive. I’m proud of your country, too.

  • Gonzo

    Pete – you’re right on. I was fortunate enough to be there, and it was quite an Event, with a capital E. I just hope the Big O pulls through. I have plenty of faith that he will.

  • jazzmaster

    Pete ~ You weren’t alone! I work in a turbo-Republican office (hell, I’m in Oklahoma for cryin’ out loud… The ONLY state where Obamma didn’t win a single county!). There was absolutely NO talk about the inauguration. I watched it online by myself… Chills going up and down my spine… Drinking in the moment. Burning it into my memory to tell my daughter about it when she’s older (she watched it at home and later told me “I vote when I get big.”).

    Last night, I happened to catch the late re-run of Oprah. I think you might want to go to her site and download this song… TODAY.

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