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The Who at Kilburn DVD – A Giveaway

Psst… I’m looking to unload a sweet 2-DVD SET: ‘The Who at Kilburn 1977′. Some nice folks sent it to me a few months ago, and if they don’t see a giveaway soon, the goons are gonna show up at my door and shove toothpicks under my fingernails or waterboard me in my kitchen sink.

To be eligible to win, you gotta live here in the U.S.A, and you have to leave either of the following in the Comments….

A Limerick:

There once was a blogger named Ick
Who fancied a good limerick
So please pause yer drinking
And do get to thinking
The one with wit should do the trick.



Townshend and Daltrey
Went to a local bath house
And ate shepherd’s pie

You see? It doesn’t have to make sense. Multiple entries allowed too. F it.
I’ll pick a winner from the entries in about a week.

I call that a bargain, the best you ever had, don’t you? The trailer and more details about the DVD after the jump…

Check it out on Amazon here.


Newly mastered in high-definition with state-of-the-art sound for a spectacular home theater experience, the December 15, 1977 Kilburn show at the Gaumont State Theater in North London was recorded before a select audience for Jeff Stein’s hit film about The Who, The Kids Are Alright, but only a few brief selections of what would prove to be legendary drummer KEITH MOON’s public swan song were ever seen in the finished feature. Captured on 35mm with six cameras and a 16-track audio recorder, the complete Kilburn show features Moon and the rest of the band’s classic line-up — singer ROGER DALTREY, guitarist/singer PETE TOWNSEND, and bassist JOHN ENTWISTLE–in top form with many of their biggest hits.
Also included in this release is another never-before-seen show and one of the band’s favorites, their 1969 London Coliseum performance, which comes with a wealth of additional bonus tracks and boasts the first-ever full live recording of their groundbreaking rock opera, Tommy. With a total of 29 classic The Who songs, this pivotal release has long been at the top of rock fans’ wish lists and has been regarded as a lost “holy grail” for followers of The Who since Moon’s passing.


  • John J

    There once was a drummer named Moon
    His mates all thought he was a loon
    He passed away much to early
    Back when Roger’s hair was very curly
    We miss you Keith on each & every tune

  • jazzmaster

    When naming their band, it would seem
    For them, an impossible dream
    Vast amounts of good brew
    And all chose “The Who”
    ‘Twas fitting for this motley team.

  • jazzmaster

    There once was a lad called Tommy
    Deaf and blind from the day he left Mommy
    His skills amazed all
    When he played pinball
    I watched, but he never saw me.

  • Dan

    There once was a quartet of Mods
    That made a record called Odds and Sods
    They reached for the stars
    And trashed their guitars
    And went on to become Rock and Roll Gods!

  • Jon Ford

    Peter Dennis Blandford Townshend,
    And whirling Roger Daltrey Too,
    The OX Thunders on Like the only Sober One,*
    Add Moonie, and you’ve got The ‘Oo

    (*turned out not to be the case)

  • Dan

    Roger, Pete, Keith and the Ox
    Made music that exceedingly rocks
    Entwistle and Moon
    Both died way too soon
    But to say The Who’s done is bollocks

  • Pete

    Yes, ’tis time to pick a winner among the bunch indeed. Jazz you had some good ones, as did everyone. But I like the way Dan’s last entry rolls from the tongue in #9. And it pays tribute to the 2 fallen members in a cool way.

    Roger, Pete, Keith and the Ox
    Made music that exceedingly rocks
    Entwistle and Moon
    Both died way too soon
    But to say The Who’s done is bollocks

    Dan – congrats.

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