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Warmth of the Sun Giveaway

This Tuesday, Epic will release ‘The Warmth of the Sun’, a retrospective of three decades of Beach Boys music chosen by the Boys themselves – yes, even Brian Wilson (along with Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston, and Mike Love). To complement the release, there’s an 11-part series of free podcasts filled with interviews and quality Beach Boys tuneage being released over 11 weeks. You can subscribe to them in iTunes.

So naturally, it’s time for another Ickmusic give-it-away! A comment below puts you in the running. Pretty simple, hey? As always, points for originality. And extra points to anyone who can throw Brian Wilson and “warmth of the sun” into a limerick.

The Warmth Of The Sun (CD and Digital Album)
1. All Summer Long (new stereo mix)
2. Catch A Wave
3. Hawaii
4. Little Honda
5. 409
6. It’s OK
7. You’re So Good To Me (new stereo mix)
8. Then I Kissed Her (new stereo mix)
9. Kiss Me, Baby
10. Please Let Me Wonder (new stereo mix)
11. Let Him Run Wild (new stereo mix)
12. The Little Girl I Once Knew
13. Wendy (new stereo mix)
14. Disney Girls (1957)
15. Forever
16. Friends
17. Break Away
18. Why Do Fools Fall In Love
19. Surf’s Up
20. Feel Flows
21. All This Is That
22. ‘Til I Die
23. Sail On, Sailor
24. Cool, Cool Water
25. Don’t Go Near The Water
26. California Saga (On My Way To Sunny Californ-i-a)
27. California Dreamin’
28. The Warmth Of The Sun

Buy The Warmth of the Sun

Subscribe to the Podcast Series.

Check out the Beach Boys Official Site.


  • stewrat

    having nearly 200 pieces of Beach Boys vinyl and cds (plus the occasional 8-track), I was initially reluctant to investigate yet another reissued reissue complilation. Nonetheless a few of the remixed cuts I’ve heard are amazing. If you send me this, I can actually spend money on a band that needs it. Please.

  • stewrat

    Oops – forgot the lame limerichk attempt:

    There is a Wilson named Brian
    Writes songs so beautiful I’m cryin’
    A new compilation named Warmth of the Sun
    Shall fund Capital executives much needed fun
    T’was so easy they barely needed tryin’

  • jazzmaster

    Summer arrives with the Warmth of the Sun
    Some much needed tracks ala Brian Wilson
    Sipping some suds or burning some buds
    With The Beach Boys blaring, it’s always Fun, Fun, Fun!

  • Bill Cassara

    Ok, I am making this up as I type, but what the heck?

    A new release from Brian and the Boys
    Leaves its listeners with great joys
    It’s called Warmth of the Sun, but the songs are the same
    This constant repackaging gets kind of lame
    But Brian must need more toys.

    Wow, that is really awful, I must admit. But, hey, it is the best I can do on my lunch break, so I hope I win.

  • Lester Z

    There was a young Wilson, you see,
    Whose first initial was B.
    He was the one
    Felt the warmth of the sun
    Though he never surfed on the sea.

  • Rand

    Started goofing on this and once it actuallt had enough lines figured I just had to share. It’s to the tune of “the man from Nantcuket” 😉

    Brian Wilson’s career was done
    He was lost in The Warmth of the Sun
    But then he lost Landy
    Now everything’s dandy
    Fun, Fun, Fun

  • Blacker

    I do not have a limerick, and here is why. My friend Andy Paley is good friends with Brian Wilson, having played with and produced his stuff over the past few decades. Recently, we were out with Andy and, knowing my writing partner and I like “that old stuff,” he told us about a ridiculous book of limericks from the turn of the century (I forget now the author).
    We went up to Andy’s house and saw the book and then were forced to write limericks for what turned into about three hours.
    It was a good time, but that’s a lot of limericks.
    But it was worth it when Andy did his Brian Wilson impression.

  • jazzmaster

    Well… That’s a cool story, Blacker… But it doesn’t get you off the hook!!! 😛

    We want your limericks!!! 🙂

  • Robert

    I sit in my bed, recovering from the flu, typing away on my laptop. It seems cosmically right that I win a Brian Wilson CD today! I’m even
    eating vegetables!

  • Robert

    When he first heard “warmth of the sun,”
    Phil Spector took out his gun,
    For the chorus knocked down,
    His great wall of sound,
    and the record was “fun, fun, fun!”

  • Dan

    There was a young Wilson named Brian
    Who spent years in his room just cryin’
    But that battle he has won
    He loves the Warmth of the Sun
    (And uses sunscreen to keep him from fryin’)

  • Pete

    Crikey, I dropped the ball on this one… 9 days I let this baby go…

    Some would disparage me for awarding a groveler, but alas, the winner this go-round is stewrat!

    They were all good folks, don’t worry – more giveaway action coming up soon.

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