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100 Words on “Live from Daryl’s House”


“It was just one of those light bulb moments…” is how Daryl Hall describes the thought behind his web series Live from Daryl’s House. Inviting everyone from electrofunk duo Chromeo to guitar virtuoso Monte Montgomery up to his house in Connecticut to hang out, talk shop and sit in with “T-Bone” Wolk and the band all the while filming it for the most intimate and fun web series I’ve seen. John Oates even makes a couple of appearances in the monthly program. More than lip service, the series shows the soul shared in putting musicians in room to “just play.”

Highlights: Daryl Hall w/Chromeo – “I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do)”

Daryl Hall w/Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes – “The Queen and I”

Links: Official Site | on MySpace | on iTunes


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