Leonard Cohen, Live in London CD & DVD [It’s a Giveaway aka Free S**t Alert]

Leonard Cohen is another one of those fellas that I kick myself for not getting more into, because I enjoy the little I’ve heard, and I know I’d enjoy his stuff if I just took the time to seek out his work and listen. The smooth, intricate, laid back vibes, the wit and wonder of his lyrics. I mean, I would definitely call “Hallelujah” one of the most brilliant songs ever written. And I gotta say, with Jeff Buckley singing it – well, it don’t get any better.

I’ve started tonight by taking in his new CD/DVD, Live in London. I’ve been grooving for some time, enjoying Cohen’s smooth baritone timber, and the terrific show that he put on for the folks at the O2 Arena last July 17th.

Once again, folks, I sacrifice an awesome collection for the good of the Ickmusic reading populace. I’ve got a brand new CD of the show, and a brand new DVD of the show, and one lucky commenter below will get both gratis.

To enter: it can’t get any easier, really – leave a comment below.

That’s it.

If you’re a longtime fan, maybe you can throw in an album / era recommendation for the newbies out there. Or maybe an anecdote. Or a link to a tasty video. You be the judge. If you’re just getting started with LC, what draws you to his music? What was your introduction to Cohen? Or have you even had one? Do you like gladiator movies? What’s the biggest lake you’ve ever been in? Where’s Waldo?

I’ll pick a winner by next weekend. Good luck!

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Live In London Tracklisting:

Disc 1 –

1. Dance Me To The End Of Love
2. The Future
3. Ain’t No Cure For Love
4. Bird On The Wire
5. Everybody Knows
6. In My Secret Life
7. Who By Fire
8. Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye
9. Anthem
10. Introduction
11. Tower Of Song
12. Suzanne
13. The Gypsy’s Wife

Disc 2 –

1. Boogie Street
2. Hallelujah
3. Democracy
4. I’m Your Man
5. Recitation w/ N.L.
6. Take This Waltz
7. So Long, Marianne
8. First We Take Manhattan
9. Sisters Of Mercy
10. If It Be Your Will
11. Closing Time
12. I Tried To Leave You
13. Wither Thou Goest


  • Michael

    My first intro was the Christian Slater film Pump Up the Volume which featured “If it be Your Will” and “Everybody Knows”, I started with I’m Your Man and went backwards. Various Positions is classic and is a must have.

  • Pete

    Cohen always struck me as one of those artists I should be getting to know better, because based on what I’d heard I had a feeling I’d appreciate his music. Then I heard him interviewed by Terry Gross on Fresh Air, and that confirmed my suspicions. Besides, I have a long history of becoming fans of artists when they’re very old or near death. (Johnny Cash, Warren Zevon, Joe Strummer, etc.) I’m just lucky that way.

  • Thierry

    I thought it would be a good idea to recommend Death of A Ladies’ Man as an overlooked gem (don’t begin with it, but don’t stay away from it, either!) on this, the day that its producer, Phil Spector, was convicted of second degree murder. And I would love to win this prize, obviously.

    Oh, and the interview with Terry Gross was great (as they always are) but please, don’t even talk about Cohen as being “near death”! From the footage I’ve seen, his most recent shows have featured him in his finest voice…

  • PaulW

    Death of a Ladies Man and Various Positions are pretty great, although I’m a sucker for the early acoustic stuff so Songs of Leonard Cohen wins out for me.

    I was actually at the 17 July show in London so I don’t know whether that means I need the prize less than everyone else or deserve it more…

  • Eric

    I firsy heard LC in the ’70s when our local hip FM station used to play “Suzanne” pretty regularly. I’ve heard him sporadically since, but have read a lot about him, and like you Pete, realize I need to get more into his stuff.
    Pick me. Pick me. Pick me.

  • Sinziana

    i just paid so much money to go see him and had to invite a friend (because it would be depressing to go alone) so i paid double just so someone else could go experience this with me. i love him unconditionally, and still have a crush on him because he’s absolutely charming on stage to this day.

    as for introduction, my mom had “songs from a room” and “songs of leonard cohen” on vinyl when i was young and we’d listen to them together all day. they are still my favorite albums… along with select songs from “new skin for the old ceremony” and “songs of love and hate”

    my favorite songs that i would recommend to anyone include (and this may be long)

    the stranger song
    lover lover lover
    chelsea hotel #2 (he played this live and it melted my heart)
    a bunch of lonesome heroes
    lady midnight
    the butcher
    one of us cannot be wrong
    hey thats no way to say goodbye
    joan of arc
    famous blue raincoat
    the old revolution

    and of course all his recent hits, most of which are listed on the live in london cd

    and this is my favorite live recording on youtube:

  • Peter McNamara

    I first listened to LC in the days of “Songs from a room”, “Songs of LC”, “Songs of Love and Hate” when his music was described as “Songs to slit your wrists to” (I never did!). I came back to him in recent years, and regret not seeing him when he performed in London in 2008, so winning the CD/DVD would be great.

  • Owen Brown

    recently read a neil strauss book in which there was a conversation with leonard relayed. turns out his manager was recently convicted of stealing most of his retirement fund leaving him in his mid seventies and broke. that got me listening to some of his stuff; a lot of which isn’t my cup of tea. what is, however, is just plain really really good.

  • Owen Brown

    in honor of this post i’ve been listening to the essential leonard cohen [disk 1] all day. i’m liking it more the fourth time thru than the other three; today. one of those that catches you unawares.

  • Johnno

    I’ve been seeing LC since (oh, sh*t, I’m dating myself here….) he opened for Judy Collins at Central Park in NYC, and I used to see at his concert in Carnegie Hall every year, when he was doing those (up until 1993). It was always a much anticipated event, and brought out the faithful.

    Best album = easily “I’m Your Man”, there are five songs from it on “Live”. Not a bad song, and wonderfully realized songs like the Greek influenced “Everybody Knows”, and the tribute the Spanish poet Frederico Garcia/Loca, “Take this Waltz” (done, of course, in waltz time)

    Shoulda been great, but wasn’t = the strange “Death of a Ladies’ Man” produced by Phil Spector, with guest Bob Dylan!!… I think I need to go back and revisit it, altho there is one interminable song called “Don’t Go Home with your Hard-on” :o)

    Favorite (but wrong!) description of LC = “The Master of Erotic Despair”.

    Favorite LC ex = the (Yum!!) Rebecca deMornay, who thought he was hilarious,and very sexy.

    And then there is the story, told as an intro to “Chelsea Hotel” where he talks about meeting Janis Joplin in the Hotel Chelsea. She mistakes him for Kris Kristofferson, whom she was supposed to meet, and he doesn’t correct her. (heh, heh, heh)

    There is an excellent biography, “Various Positions” by Ira B Nadel, which came out in the late 90’s.

    It’s hard to pick a favorite song – it varies from time to time, but I keep coming back to “If It Be Your Will” In new songs, “Alexandra Leaving”

    As someone noted, his manager made of with most of his retirement fund (the rest was spent in lawsuits to get it back; he won but it was a Pyrrhic victory) and crates of his “memorabilia”. He’ll only say, “It has a very interesting and O. Henry=esque ending.”

    which brings me to my John O. esque ending.

    PS Michael, I notice your interest in “Canadian folk rock”. I assume this must include the wonderful Paupers??

  • ann

    Leonard is amazing, huge influence on a ton of great emerging artists (but of course, none are as good as the original). “Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye” is my favorite song to introduce to Cohen newbies… haven’t met a person yet who didn’t like it!

  • Peggychamberlain

    In the early nineties, I had the uncomfortable task of telling a little family, who had lived with us throughout her pregnancy and beyond, that  It was time to go. The couple was unwilling to make alternative plans. While I was listening to Leonard Cohen one afternoon, I had an epiphany.  It was Closing Time.  We had a large message board and I wrote at the top, “Closing Time”, and the date and time of their going away party. We had a yard full of jerry garcia hippies and a great party, after which the little family moved on.  Needless to say it was the Song that did it.   

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