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The Truth About Funk

Behind the scenes, I have quite a cool little network of like-minded folks when it comes to the music of Prince. We have a soft spot for that golden era in Prince music – the 80’s – when he was as prolific as ever. We also have fond memories of his side projects and off-shoots from that era – the Time (of course), The Family, Madhouse… So how cool is it to see that some members of these groups – St. Paul Peterson, Jellybean Johnson, Jerry Hubbard, and the great Eric Leeds – have come together to form The Truth.

Their mission? Keep the Minneapolis Sound alive! And throw in some old school funk from the likes of Funkadelic, Cameo, and the Ohio Players while they’re at it. The guys are tight and funky as hell live, very true to the originals, and boy can they play the sheeet out of some Prince jams… “Erotic City”, “DMSR”, and even “America”.

The kicker? A new live album recorded at Minneapolis’s Fine Line that showcases their conglomerate of Prince-inspired talent. Who knows how they feel personally about their old boss, but make no mistake that they’re paying tribute to him, and to an era very important to a lot of us – an era that will never be matched.

This live album comes highly recommended… here’s a taste:

The Truth High Fashion (mp3)

Buy It on iTunes or CD Baby.

Visit the band on MySpace.

The Truth is:

  • St. Paul Peterson (The Time, The Family) on bass, vocals, guitar and keyboards
  • Jellybean Johnson (The Time, The Family) on guitar
  • Odell (Mint Condition) on guitar and vocals
  • Jerry Hubbard (The Time, Jesse Johnson) on bass, keyboards, guitar and vocals
  • Chance Howard (Prince, The Time) on bass guitar, bass synth and vocals
  • Kip Blackshire (Prince) on vocals, keyboards and guitar
  • Kirk Johnson (Prince) on drums and vocals
  • Eric Leeds (Prince) on saxophones, keyboards and vocals
  • Donnie Lamarca (Johny Lang, Mick Sterling) on keyboards.


  • Marco

    Thank you very much Pete for bringing up this hot & funky release to the world’s attention … and uhhm a little bit of advertising for your funk network is highly appreciated as well … funky greetz from Switzerland, Marco …

  • Paula

    This band is one superb creation of real P-Funk … I love them ! Nice to here them live, now I very curious about the rest of it 🙂

  • Paula

    Paula :This band is one superb creation of real P-Funk … I love them ! Nice to hear them live, now I very curious about the rest of it

    I reply to myself because I needed to correct a typo and could not find any “edit” option in here .. haha. Nice evening all !

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