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Two Gallants come from the old time, baby

Well I come from the old time baby / too late for you to save me

For two guys in their late twenties, they sure sing and sound like they come from the old time. San Francisco’s Two Gallants are a duo – Adam Stephens on guitar & vocals, Tyson Vogel on drums & vocals. These two caught my ear during my summer vacation in Colorado. I was checking out Pandora during a nap – listening to Deer Tick Radio (totally recommended) – and these guys kept popping up and bowling me over with their low-fi but powerful tunes.

They’ve released three albums, the last couple on Saddle Creek records. This tune is a favorite, and was actually one of the singles from their second album, What The Toll Tells. As is my custom it seems, it caught up to me a few years later. Go ahead, see what these guys can do with one guitar and one drum kit.

Two Gallants Steady Rollin’ (mp3)

From What the Toll Tells

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  • Stoni

    As is your custom? man of my own heart, one of my friends in paritcular has been listening to two gallants for a long time. i never really gave them the time of day until hearing e song “nothing to you” from “what the toll tells”.
    To have so little seem to be missing from a two-piece band – all credit to the fantastic guitar picking – is amazing. not to mention the obviously good song writing.

    i feel a bit of a fool to have not bothered with them for so long

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