Friday Five

The Friday Five: December 11, 2009

Friday Five : ˈfrī-(ˌ)dā,-dē ˈfīv : On the sixth day of every week I hit the shuffle button on my iTunes and share my five and drop a little knowledge and insight for each track. Sometimes there is a playlist involved, sometimes there isn’t. Sometimes we have guest, but most of the time it’s just me. The rest is up to you, our friends and readers! Fire up your media player of choice and share the first five random track of your shuffle in the comments.

The Five:

Ani DiFranco – “Hide and Seek” (from Living in Clip, 1997)

Steve Perry – “If Only for the Moment, Girl” (mp3) (from Street Talk, 1984)

The Smashing Pumpkins – “Cherub Rock” (from Siamese Dream, 1993)

Joe Jackson – “Tiger Rag” (from Tucker: The Man and His Dream, 1988)

John Mayer – “Perfectly Lonely” (mp3) (from Battle Studies, 2009)

It’s still Friday, right? What are you listening to this evening?


  • azecho

    s-see through me: jenn ghetto’s (of carrisa’s wierd fame) depressingly great new project. so intimate…it’s like reading a stranger’s diary.

    beach house-norway: fantastic new release from one of my favorite bands. really eager for the new album and praying for an az tour date.

    son volt-strength and doubt: track of sv’s latest record. like most of farrar’s recent work it’s monotone and decent but not great…trace came out a long time ago.

    phoenix-big sun: this record has been kinda ruined for me because every song reminds me of a commerical. still pissed they haven’t played phx yet…oh, the irony.

    nosaj thing-coat of arms: an annoying track off an otherwise good record when i’m in the mood for some electronic soundscapes.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s what I got:
    Phyllis Nelson — “Move Closer” (from “Move Closer,” 1985)
    Kim Carnes — “You Say You Love Me (But I Know You Don’t” (from “Lighthouse,” 1986)
    Jennifer Warnes — “Nights Are Forever” (from “The Twilight Zone: The Movie, Original Motion Picture Soundtrack,” 1983)
    Not Drowning, Waving — “Yellow Earth” (from “Claim,” 1989)
    George Harrison — “Awaiting on You All” (from “All Things Must Pass,” 1970)

    Happy Friday!

  • EightE1

    Billy Bragg, “Levi Stubbs’ Tears.” I love the sound of those 80s Billy Bragg records — the echoed guitar so perfectly matches his voice as he tells stories and rails against oppressive forces.

    Musiq Soulchild, “O Holy Night.” I just downloaded this an hour ago, so it’s the first time I’m hearing it. I don’t know — a reggae “O Holy Night?” Irma Thomas’ cover of this song is the best version ever. This one doesn’t quite do it for me. Which makes me think, when is D’Angelo going to put out a new record? I bet he’d do a decent “O Holy Night.” Naked and surrounded by cheeba smoke, of course.

    Scratch Track, “Over (Don’t Care).” These guys once played at the coffeehouse I regularly hang out at, and the owner was sufficiently impressed that he played their CD in the coffeehouse’s music rotation for months. It’s a cool little record. Check them out here:

    Crowded House, “Weather with You.” Summer of ’91, we had how many great records come out? Woodface, Bonnie Raitt’s “Luck of the Draw,” Richard Thompson’s Rumor and Sigh, Sam Phillips’ Cruel Inventions, more. Woodface holds up so well. Might be due to Tim Finn’s presence; he definitely added another dimension to the proceedings.

    Def Leppard, “Stand Up (Kick Love into Motion).” I have a soft spot for this song, for reasons I cannot quite explain, though it probably has to do with a woman. “If you lay your cards on the table / I’ll lay my love on the line / ‘Til you’re mine.” Love that lyric. Again, I can’t figure out why. I’ve probably blocked it. Anyone out there know how to hypnotize someone to get to the deep, dark recesses of his/her brain? Does Def Leppard have a record called Hypnotize? If not, why not?

  • AWJ

    1) “Lost In The Flood” – Bruce Springsteen (Bootleg: Devils and Dust Tour; Columbus – July 31, 2005). Saw the D&D Tour in Boston… fortunate enough to hear him play this one.
    2) “Ophelia” – The Band (Anthology Vol. II).
    3) “Walk Like A Man” – Bruce Springsteen (Bootleg: Devils and Dust Tour). His songs about his father evolved as Bruce got older – sort of like the story about the son who said his father was clueless when he was growing up and then he was amazed at how much smarter his father became as the son grew up.
    4) “Nervous Guy” – Old 97s (Satellite Rides).
    5) “Little Sister (Take 9) – Elvis Presley (Outtakes, Disc 2). Listening to these outtakes, you get the sense that making records back then was a lot more pure than it seems to be these days.

  • Anne

    It is officially Saturday morning but it still counts

    1. “Night Time” The xx, XX. On many peoples’ list of best albums for the year.
    2. “$20”, M.I.A., Kala, 2007. Was on many peoples’ list of best albums 2 years ago.
    3. DFA Demo Track, Britney Spears. OK, this is one of those mp3s that I got from some blog site. It is not an official release of hers. I think this was something put together a few years ago and never used. Anyway, good dance track.
    4. “Summer’s End” Foo Fighters, Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace. I don’t believe this is the first time that I have had FF on my Friday Shuffle. Probably will not be the last time either.
    5. “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” John Melloncamp, A Very Special Christmas. This was on the first of the “special” Christmas CDs that they put out and I absolutely love this version.

  • Pete

    1. Tapes ‘n Tapes – “10 Dollar Ascots”
    2. Eric Clapton – “Cold Turkey” / from the soundtrack to Rush
    3. Wendy & Lisa – “Niagara Falls”
    4. My Morning Jacket – “Across 110th Street” / Bonnaroo 2008
    5. Bruce Springsteen – “The Honeymooners”

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