Big Audio Dynamite at Coachella

Nice surprise a few weeks ago during Coachella’s webcast to stumble across Big Audio Dynamite‘s set. I missed their first go ’round back in the mid 80’s, but developed an appreciation for their albums over the years since. It was 1991’s The Globe (with the retooled lineup of Big Audio Dynamite II) that woke me up and made me dig back into their earlier incarnation.

As you see, the boys have aged right along with the rest of us, but how sweet is it to see former Clash-man Mick Jones on stage in 2011, having a ball? Word is they’ll schedule more dates in the U.S. later this year. Keep an eye out…

Big Audio Dynamite’s Site
B.A.D. on Amazon

Here’s B.A.D.’s entire April 16th set at Coachella…

Medicine Show
Beyond the Pale
A Party
V Thirteen
The Battle of All Saints Road
The Bottom Line

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