How Did I Survive, Survive, Survive, Survive…?

Early last year, Brooklyn’s great new band The Drums released an EP entitled Summertime! Later that year, just before summer, they released their first full length, self titled album. Both have been in regular rotation ever since. Their latest offering, Portamento, also does not disappoint.

The missus and I caught their show last night at the 7th Street Entry (the closet that is part of First Avenue) and straight away I wondered how I survived this long without seeing them live. They had been to town twice before and, for whatever reason, I didn’t go. Their music, a delicious combo of under-the-boardwalk Americana and 80s guitar/synth pop, simply makes you smile. And want to skip around without a care who notices!

Their 17 song set last night brought all of this and more as lead singer Jonny Pierce and the lads bopped their way through tales of heartache, pain and rejection. Jonny reminded me frequently of a blond, surfer Jim Morrison…or was it Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison? Ah, the whole life imitating art imitating life thing…

Check out “Down By The Water” last night, preceding by a very special dedication.

The band is heading out west for the next 11 days so you should check them out!

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