As we head into Thanksgiving, I just have to give a shout out and say thanks to the Leeds band, The Kaiser Cheifs. Last summer, the band released their fourth album and it came out in the most unique way that I have ever seen a band put out music to date .

You start here. From this link, your adventure begins in creating your own version of the album. Choose the track list, running order,artwork, and design it all yourself. Then download. The cost? £7.50 or roughly 12 bucks for 10 tracks.

Now, the Kaiser Chiefs have made 20 tracks available to choose from so if you want all of them you have to buy two albums effectively. For Brit geeks like me who have long bemoaned the extra tracks that usually end up on singles not being easily available, this is pure bliss! So, naturally, I plunked down £15. I sincerely hope that other bands from the UK take a cue from the Kaiser Chiefs and do the same thing.

Here is my favorite track from the record, “When All Is Quiet,” which has a 10cc feel to it, appealing to some of you 70s hippies!

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