Friday Five

The Friday Five: March 30, 2012

Friday Five

Friday Five : ‘frī-(,)dā,-dē ‘fīv : On the sixth day of every week, I hit the shuffle button on my iTunes, then share the first five tracks and thought for each track. Sometimes there is a playlist involved, occasionally we’ll have a guest, but most of the time it’s just me. The rest is up to you, our friends and readers! Fire up your media player of choice and share the first five random track of your shuffle in the comments.

The Five:

“Every Day I Have the Blues” by Count Basie (from Verve Jazz Masters 2, 1994)

You know, despite the title, this number swings like mad. I’m not sure I’d swing so hard if I had the blues everyday. Memphis Slim sure didn’t write it this way.

“Got Me Under Pressure” by ZZ Top (from Greatest Hits, 1992)

Driving beat; thumping bass line; Berry-esque boogie–yep, it’s a by-the-numbers ZZ Top hit.

“Hot Thing (dub version)” by Prince (from 12″ Archive 2.0, 2001)

Makes me long for the days when Prince would put out singles stuffed to the gills with b-sides and remixes.

“Kit (What’s the Scoop)” by Slick Rick (from The Great Adventures of Slick Rick, 1988)

Rick the Ruler! I wore out at least two copies of this cassette back in the day.

“Dancing Nancies” Dave Matthews Band (from 1995-02-25: DMBLive: Lafayette College-Allan Kirby Field House, Easton, PA, 2010)

This is a pretty subdued version of the DMB live staple.

What’s on your shuffle today?


  • Phil

    KISS – “I Stole Your Love” (Alive II, 1977)
    Another classic from KISS’s second live album. Same annoying fake crowd noise.

    Caedmon’s Call – “Mystery of Mercy” (Back Home, 2003)
    Version of the Andrew Peterson-penned song that I covered in the 2/17/2012 Friday Five. Not much else to say about it.

    Coheed  Cambria – “Delirium Trigger” (The Second Stage Turbine Blade, 2005)
    I love most of the music produced by the C & C music factory (no, not that C & C Music Factory), but good grief, I wish I understood the story arc behind these albums.

    Iron Maiden – “Iron Maiden” (Flight 666: The Original Soundtrack, 2009)
    I’ve gotten so used to Trivium’s version of this song that the original sounds old and slow to me these days. But a great song nonetheless. The Flight 666 rockumentary has some excellent live footage. The Central America and South American crowds are completely insane (see also: Rush in Rio). Looks like a fun time and quite a refreshing difference from the typical spoiled, cooler-than-you American concert goer.

    Mötley Crüe – “Starry Eyes” (Too Fast for Love (Leathür Records version), 1981)
    The original Leathür records version of one of my favorite songs off the Crüe’s debut album. A couple of friends and I literally wore out the cassette version of the Elektra release of this album. Good times playing air guitar, air cowbell, and trying to sing in Vince Neil’s Mickey Mouse falsetto. Can I get the real Mötley Crüe back?! Whatever happened to these guys?

  • dslifton

    “Detroit City” – Bill Anderson.  From something that I’ve generically listed in iTunes as “Classic Country Sampler” that I think I picked up in 1995 or 1996.
    “A Taste Of Honey” – The Hollies. The Hollies box showed why they were so great, but also why they had trouble breaking through. They weren’t prolific writers, so they had to rely on covers, most of which were covers of other group’s covers! But this one may be better than the Beatles’ version.
    “Stuck On You” – Elvis Presley. Of all of Elvis’ early hits, this is probably my least favorite. 
    “War Pigs” – Cake. As with everything I have by Cake, I found this online, downloaded it, didn’t think much of it but didn’t hate it enough to delete it. 
    “Let The Four Winds Blow” – Fats Domino. Some real vintage stuff today (well, except for a Sabbath cover by Cake). This is about as great as you would expect. 

    • Phil

      > “War Pigs” – Cake. As with everything I have by Cake, I found this online, downloaded it, didn’t think much of it but didn’t hate it enough to delete it.

      You too?!

  • Pete

    iTunes is in a retro mood today. Happy weekend y’all. 

    1. Cameo – “Groove With You” (She’s Strange, 1984)

    2. Prince – “I Rock Therefore I Am” (Chaos and Disorder, 1996)

    3. Whiskeytown – “Yesterday’s News” (Strangers Almanac, 1997)

    4. Duran Duran – “Hungry Like The Wolf” (Decade, 1989)

    5. Radiohead – “Paranoid Android” (OK Computer, 1997)

  • jhallCORE

    1) Tori Amos — “Winter” (Little Earthquakes, 1992).
    2) Ana Egge — “Silver Heels” (Bad Blood, 2011).
    3) Buddy Guy — “Ain’t That Lovin’ You” (The Real Deal: Live, 1996).
    4) Abbey Lincoln — “Being Me” (A Turtle’s Dream, 1994).
    5) Ryan Adams — “La Cienega Just Smiled” (Gold, 2001).

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