Cock’d Gunns and Nick Rose’s “Wintersong”

A simultaneous tip of the hat, high five and hearty kudos to whoever’s responsible for bringing the hilarious Canadian “rockumentary” Cock’d Gunns to the Fuse music channel. First of all,  it’s  one of the funniest music spoof/comedies I’ve ever seen (seriously, it’s right up there with Flight of the Conchords and Spinal Tap in my opinion).

I’ve already watched all 13 episodes detailing the adventures of Reggie Van Gunn (guitar), Dick Van Gunn (bass), Barry Cicarelli (drums) and Keith Horvak (manager) in their quest for a record deal, riches and fame. Unfortunately, the 13 episodes (shot in 2008-2009) are all that currently exist.  One thing is clear – Cock’d Gunns must return for more seasons. So Fuse, thanks for getting the ball rolling, and for introducing me to these insanely funny (and delightfully vulgar) people. I’ve fallen hard for these north of the border misfits.

Morgan Waters, the comedic genius who plays Reggie, is currently part of Toronto pop/rock band Sweet Thing. His bandmate is Nick Rose, who I discovered on Episode 8 as background music during the final scene (Reggie and Becky walking into the motel room together for a night of _?_. You’ll need to watch it…).

With the help of Shazam, I discovered Nick’s tune, “Wintersong” –  a melancholy, yearning vibe which reminds me of those slower Ryan Adams tunes I love so much. Just a beautifully crafted song. His entire album, Oxbow Lake, is an equally impressive 38 minutes of rootsy folk.

I’ve always got my ears to the ground, listening for that next great song. It can be found anywhere, even in a show like this – among Cock’d Gunns classics like “Piss Helmet” and “Party Eyes.”

Great show. Great album. Listen & watch.

Nick RoseWintersong (mp3)

OXBOW LAKE: On Amazon | Spotify

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