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  1. @Anonymous

    Hey anonymous, I know more than you do about this, and nothing I have to say about it is speculation. I had the opportunity to meet Chelsea this past Christmas and you’re all wrong. Except the comments about her cousin.

  2. hey chuck, nice comment 🙂 too bad shes not a singer and isnt trying to be. get a life and stop wasting ur time talking about ppl you will never know.

    thesse comments are all so insane, apparently no one knows the real deal with her, but keep spaculating…its very productive lol

  3. You ever noticed the ones who can barely can sing or carry a note look like her!!! Maybe Prince should form a girl group ” Chelsea 6″ and bring back Susan Moonsie, and Brenda Bennett while he’s at it!!! : )

    1. Looking back years later, I have to laugh… I lived with Dustin and Chelsea… Patrick and Jennifer are the only ones who have it right. Hence they lived in the world called reality.

  4. Alright you guys..here the real story on Chelsea..I was browsing through the internet to see what people are saying about her and I came across this. message board. Chelsea rodgers is my cousin Chelsea Smith and she hooked up with prince sometime last year and has been touring around and modeling for him. They are NOT together nor have the ever been! she has a boyfriend who is in europe right now playing basketball. she just got back from europe touring around with prince. just in case you wanna know her race..her dad is black and her mom is from fiji. so now everyone knows who she is! if you guys want ill post pics of us together so you know that this is the real deal on who chelz is.

  5. Julianna Nevermind

    His name is Prince Rogers Nelson, after the Jazz Trio: The Prince Rogers Trio from Minneapolis, MN. His dad was the drummer.

  6. i read that she is his daughter with shelia e.

    and the only proof there is , is that she looks like she could be their child,,,

    very interesting,,,,

  7. LOLOL @ “butt like a leather seat”. I’m pretty sure he says “butt like the letter C”, but I kinda like your version better. 😉

  8. The lyrics:


    A model……. Used to be a role model

    I dunno
    Come on Chelsea!
    I dunno
    Come on (Uh-huh)

    Ah, go ahead now Chelsea! Go ahead now!
    Uh, this for Jersey right here.
    Go ahead now!
    (Ah, ah, ah, ah)

    Chelsea Rodgers was a model
    Thought she really rocked the road, yes she did
    Kept her tears up in a bottle
    Poured them out to save her soul

    Ask her what she liked the most
    She said, she liked to talk to Jimi’s ghost, Ow!
    Fantasy, her friends boast (This girl is fly)
    Chelsea’s fly, like coast to coast (Mmmm)
    Hollywood or Times Square
    If the party’s fly, my girl is there (yes she is)
    Purple’s on and bounce in her hair
    21st Century hippy, Chelsea don’t care


    Try to catch her if you can (Come on now together)
    You never see her with my man (Uh, a brother got to jump n the water)
    He must be baptized, according to the masterplan,
    ‘Fore she give up the good thang
    Go ahead Chelsea! (Go ahead Chelsea!)

    No cut diamonds, and designer shoes (Uh, no-no!)
    ‘Cause she’s too original from her head down to her feet
    (Rehab) (If you want to) (just don’t mean no me)
    Chelsea don’t eat no meat, still got butt like a leather seat
    Go ahead Chelsea! (Go ahead Chelsea!)


    Go ahead Chelsea!
    (Speak on that horn)

    Come on
    Next to her they just a fool.
    Chelsea read more books than a few
    Moses was a Pharoah in the 18th Dynasty *
    And Rome was chillin’ in Carthage in 33 BCE
    And the day that we stop counting, we live as long as a tree
    Go ahead Chelsea, teach me! Go ahead Chelsea.

    Make a promise to your higher self, get you nothing, fame and wealth
    You don’t be chasing nobodies ghost.
    Of everything, make the most (Come on!)

    (Chorus) x 2

  9. Love the song!!! It’s not in the US yet! It cud have been any name and the song still would have been hot. He cud have used Ethel Rodgers or Wilhemia Rodgers or Gertrude Rodgers. Gertrude Rodgers was a model…….Good piece Prince.

  10. And there I was, all excited and thinking you had an MP3 up for download…

    I guess we’ll have to wait a bit longer. I heard the track was funky as hell

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