A Nudge in the Right Direction


Hey all… I’m on a little hiatus for the next few days. But while I’m away, Michael’s picking up the slack. I’ll be back in action in a few days. Meanwhile, here are some tasty recommendations from Michael… – Pete

  • Jeff over at Jefitoblog continues to celebrate all things “Power Ballad” with entries from Kix, Warrant and Chicago. I still contend that “Look Away” has the greater wuss rock factor of the two.
  • Jason phones in his Mellow this week, but it’s still golden. Learn more than you ever wanted to know about Benny Mardones.
  • Stereogum shares the news that Nels Cline has the Chicken Pox.
  • Kevin at So Much Silence shares the wonderful word that Jeremy Enigk (formerly of Sunny Day Real Estate) is releasing another record and not waiting 10 years this time!
  • MOKB shares the brilliance of Petra Haden’s “Don’t Stop Believing”
  • Heather deals with server issues and introduces us to the poetry of Luke Doucet.
  • And finally, what do Frank Zappa and Burt Ward (trust me, you know who this is) have in common? Head over to Some Velvet Blog to find out.

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