Hip Hop,  Old School

Goin Way Way Back

Reminiscing about back in the mid 80’s when I was a naive little white boy coming of age. I’d listen to the nightly “hot mix” on WLUM (Milwaukee), where I was introduced to some very cool music. Like this hot little number from the Freeze Force Crew Man Parrish. Granted, I was a spoiled little white boy living comfortably in suburbia, but this is the music I grew up with…. livin’ hard on the mean streets of Racine baby!

Cool Johnski from the Freeze Force Crew
I came here to say a def rhyme for you
About the Boogie Down Bronx, it’s a one of a kind
It’s the place to be; it’s a state of mind
But the guys out here, they really are crookin’
They snatch gold chains when the cops ain’t lookin’
But what can I say? It’s the place to be
It’s where I stay in reality
So listen close and you all will hear
About the devestatin’ body rocker of the year

Man Parrish – Boogie Down Bronx – buy the single on the Official Site

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