Spazz Folk Coming at Ya

I have to share a song I recently discovered on another blog (can’t remember which one, but one of those links there on the right side). The band is Need New Body. The only explanation of this music that I can muster comes again from All

They exist in an as yet unnamed category almost all their own: some sort of spazz-folk created with banjos, eight-bit video game consoles, junkyard percussion, absurd ranting, and campfire chanting.

Yeah, that’s it! This one’s infectious. Anything that gets my daughter all excited and jumping around and waving her arms has gotta be good.

Check out their latest, UFO, on Amazon. With song names like “Gigglebush Meets CompUSA, “Tittie Pop”, and “Pisscat”, it’s no wonder I’m endeared to them.

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