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Comin’ Straight Outta…Edmonton?

I came across Cadence Weapon last week on Fluxblog. Cadence Weapon is an 18 yr old rapper / producer from Edmonton, Alberta. Yes, Edmonton. I didn’t know they rolled so hard up there, but judging by CW’s style, I think they do. Now I’m not as plugged into the hip hop game as I was say, back in – oh – 1989. I mean I’m far more likely to listen to Eric B and Rakim or Schoolly D than Tupac, Biggie, Lil Jon, or any of the many Lils. But Cadence Weapon gives me hope. The tracks and beats that back him up are funky as hell, and make this white boy bob his head. His rapping is smooth and cool. And that name – Cadence Weapon – cool name.

Cadence Weapon, from this 34 year old white boy in the Arizona desert, you go on with yo bad self son.

Cadence Weapon – Sharks (mp3)
Cadence Weapon – Oliver Square (mp3)

Cadence Weapon Official Site, where you can buy his music.
Check out more of his tunes on Soundclick.

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