I came across this homage to the 80’s the other day by a band with an awesome name: Wormburner. Here’s a clip from their web site bio:

Wormburner was co-founded in 2002 by two guys with a song they couldn’t get out of their heads. New Yorkers Steve “Hank” Henry and Terry “Terry” Solomone once played together in a cover band. When that project ran its course, Hank and Terry began developing their own sound and their own songs. Inspired by progressive guitar rock and indie pop, their songwriting partnership quickly gave life to a tune called Skinny Leather Tie. Initially conceived by Hank as a lyrical goof best-suited for acoustic performance, he and Terry took to the City’s open mic circuit and gave the song some exposure. Astonished by universally-positive feedback, the duo visited a modest downtown recording studio and laid down an electric demo version of the song. The two of them played on all tracks: Hank on vocals and guitar, Terry on drums, bass, guitar and tambourine.

It’s a catchy tune with a kick ass drum intro, and some hilarious 80’s references in the lyrics:

But the skinny leather ties
They make me look straight outta 1985
Yeah back when three remaining Beatles were alive
California Coolers with the other middle-schoolers
Skinny leather ties

Wormburner – Skinny Leather Tie (mp3)

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