Accordion to Me

Well I’m a little late to the party on this one, but I have to spread the good word of The Arcade Fire, a great band from Montreal. They’ve been all over the internet, all over the music blogs, and doggone it, they’re gettin’ to me. The song posted below was my first introduction to the band. Also, I found a page with several video links to a Lawrence, Kansas performance and interviews with the band.

I’m always bad at categorizing / pigeonholing music, so I turn again to AMG, Arcade Fire is an “experimental indie rock quintet.” “Old Flame” is a great tune. Any tune that can kick it with an accordion is a-ok with me.

The Arcade Fire – Old Flame (mp3) – from Arcade Fire Demo EP, self-released in 2003.

Arcade Fire Official Site

While we’re on an accordion kick, take a listen to Willy Deville‘s “Even While I Sleep”. Willy used to be in Mink Deville, a pioneering NY-based punk pand. I only have one of his solo albums, ‘Backstreets of Desire’, but need to get more. He’s heavily influenced by R&B and New Orleans stylings. “Even While I Sleep” features David Hidalgo of Los Lobos on the squeezebox. Dig it…

Willy Deville – Even While I Sleep
(mp3) – from ‘Backstreets of Desire’, 1994, Forward/Rhino – {Amazon}

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