New Orleans

Fessin on Fat Tuesday

Well Mardi Gras has gone and snuck up on us again. In honor of Fat Tuesday, we need the sounds of Professor Longhair emanating through the blogosphere… “Fess” came up as a New Orleans piano pioneer in the 30’s and 40’s. He’s influenced the likes of Dr. John and Fats Domino, and is known for his signature ‘rhumba-boogie’ piano playing style. This tune does it for me all year, but especially now during Mardi Gras, where I will celebrate wildly by going to the fridge for a beer at some point… maybe even two! Watch out… I’m wiiild!! It’s not all beads n’ boobies you know…

Professor Longhair – Mardi Gras in New Orleans (mp3) – from ‘Go to the Mardi Gras’, Wolf Records, 1997

Learn more about Fess on All Music

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