The Pride of Falkirk, Scotland

For me, listening to this song is sort of like watching ‘Trainspotting’. I thoroughly enjoy it, have to concentrate hard to understand what in the hell they’re saying, but understand more with each listen. But there’s definitely something infectious about this song by Scottish group Arab Strap. The song itself was released on their 1997 debut, ‘The Week Never Starts Round Here’ [Buy it Here]. There’s an odd coolness to it. A laid back vibe. I shall consult no lyrics sheet for this song…I shall decode it myself!! HA!

From All Music: The Scottish post-folk duo Arab Strap was formed in mid-1995 by vocalist Aidan Moffett and multi-instrumentalist Malcolm Middleton, longtime friends who after years of exchanging cassettes of their respective bands decided to finally begin collaborating together. Upon signing to the hip Chemikal Underground label, they issued their debut single, the stark, downcast “The First Big Weekend”; the song was a major critical hit, with Britain’s Radio One declaring it the best record of the decade.

Arab Strap: First Big Weekend (mp3)

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