It’s Time for some Grebo

(flyer is from 1993)

Well I thought I’d dust off some old quality tuneage and rock the blogosphere with the sounds of Pop Will Eat Itself. I only have one of their releases – ’91’s ‘Cure for Sanity’ – but it was and remains a very high energy, entertaining, rock/pop/rap/dance hybrid. I even learned a new word tonight. The Poppies developed a new genre of “grimy and raunchy” music, called Grebo. You Brits out there, ya heard of Grebo? New on me. PWEI stayed active between 1987 and 1996, as far as album releases go.

But this is good stuff. Funky electronic sounds make for a pleasurable listening experience. Ladies and Gentlemen, Pop Will Eat Itself.

Pop Will Eat Itself: 88 Seconds…& Still Counting (mp3)
From: Cure for Sanity, 1991.

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