The Malcolm Burn Connection

Here’s a tune from Canadian band Junkhouse. The band hails from Hamilton, Ontario, home to Daniel Lanois and Malcolm Burn. Burn produced a bunch of Junkhouse tunes, but I’m not sure if he produced this one (anyone?). I found the Lanois/Burn connection interesting since my brother and I recently went to see Chris Whitley. Chris’ debut, ‘Living with the Law’, was produced by Malcolm Burn in Daniel Lanois’ New Orleans mansion. Malcolm also produced Chris’ latest, ‘Soft Dangerous Shores’ (released tomorrow).

I don’t want to go too deep into it, but last week’s Whitley show in Phoenix was one sad affair. Chris basically played about 5 songs before we all witnessed what amounted to a substance-induced breakdown / meltdown. He cursed, he slurred, he rambled, he cried, he fell off his stool. Before we new it, the house music was up and the crowd was out the door. Much to my complete surprise, he played the very next night in San Diego and apparently played a full, great show. Go figure. From what I witnessed, it didn’t look like he’d see the sun rise.

At any rate, I found the Malcolm Burn connection interesting when I recently heard this tune, which captures some of the same sort of ethereal, rootsy rocking that shows up in Whitley’s music. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was also a Malcolm Burn production.

From Rounders: Best of Junkhouse

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