Past Blast: Donnie Iris

You know that feeling you get that there’s a ton of great songs from years past lodged somewhere in your brain, and you’re resigned to the fact that you will never remember them or hear them again in your life? It’s downright depressing. But LO! Sirius Satellite Radio, which is the greatest thing to happen to me music-gadget-wise since I bought a CD player in 1987, revived one of these great tunes!

The DJ, Dave Mac I believe, on Sirius’ The Vault, intro’d this tune simply: “if you listened to rock radio in the late 70’s or early 80’s, you’ll remember this song.” Why yes I do! Out of the jumbled recesses of my memory bank and back into the sonic here and now… It’s Donnie Iris (that pic above is legit by the way). Check out an unofficial site.

Donnie Iris: Love is Like a Rock (mp3)

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