Saturday Night Soul wiith Isaac

In the late 60’s, Jimmy Webb moved to LA and wrote the bittersweet tune “By the Time I Get to Phoenix”. Johnny Rivers recorded it soon thereafter, but it was popularized by Glen Campbell’s 1968 version.

But me, I’ll take the soulful Isaac Hayes version any day of the week. Isaac originally released this tune on his 1969 album ‘Hot Buttered Soul’. His rendition clocked in at over 18 minutes. This one’s cut down to a little over 7:00:00 but captures that sweet Stax sound with the omnipresent organ churning away in the background, and Isaac’s opening tale of being cheated on a few too many times. You tell her Isaac.

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  • cpg

    This the only song on the album I thought he milked too much. On the longer version the first 10 minutes don’t do much for me but I like it from there on.

    As for the album, yeah, EVERY record collection should own it. It oughta be a law.

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