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Second Listen: Dreaming…

Alice Smith

There’s just something about Alice Smith. I’ll admit it, I dug this one out of the pile of CD’s marked “Must Listen To Again” and I’m kicking myself for having slept on it for so long. With comparisons ranging from Patty LaBelle to Fiona Apple to Billie Holiday the one common factor is the presence of soul. There is something so honest in her phrasing and delivery, no smoke, no mirrors. It’s almost as if you are sitting in the corner of the vocal booth, just soaking in every corner of her four-octave voice. I’ve packed this post with two of my favorite tracks. Here’s just a little lyrical taste of “Dream”…

When I wake up in the morning time
I like to see you sleeping by my side
I think about the nights we had before
Wanna give you this and more
Let you know I truly adore you

I’ll tell ya, she had me at “Let you know I truly adore you”. I’m a fan, give a listen and you will be too.

Alice SmithDream (MP3)

Alice SmithSecrets (MP3)

Buy: For Lovers, Dreamers & Me | Alice Smith - For Lovers, Dreamers & Me

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  • Mark

    This is why I love music blogs like Ickmusic–I never would have known about this album otherwise. I checked out the samples and went and bought it on the spot. Great recommendation!

    Now where are parts 2 and 3 of Springsteen at the Roxy? That’s another reason I love music blogs like Ickmusic!

  • Charlie

    Wow. I would have been really pissed if I’d gone through my entire life and not heard this talented singer. She’s the perfect blend of Sade and Jill Scott!

  • Nicole

    I saw her open for Citizen Cope after Garth Trinidad recommended her on KCRW. The girl has a range that can knock you on your ass. When she’s soft, she’s soft, but when she belts – hold on, ya’ll.

  • Jennifer

    Best album for me this year next to Prince! =) Thank you thank you for sharing your appreciate of Ms. Alice. I have had the hardest find trying to find her album at an affordable price. But, I am going to find it somewhere for less than $29.00 on Amazon.com!

  • cindy

    Omg I couldn’t agree more with michael. I actually discovered alice smith during one of the many day long visits to hear music. My favorite tracks are woodstock and fake is the new real. I love her attitude and soul. Definitely an album I’ve been listening to consistently since stumbling upon her.

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