Monday at the Movies

Been in the blues frame of mind of late. So out came the soundtrack to the movie ‘Rush’, put together by one Eric Clapton. If I’m not mistaken, this is the first release that “Tears in Heaven” was released on. On the 2nd to last track of the soundtrack, Buddy Guy joins in and belts out the Al Perkins / Willie Dixon tune “Don’t Know Which Way to Go”.

It’s classic, vintage, down home, slap yo booty and call me in the morning b-l-u-e-s, baby. Check out Buddy’s wails of desparation in his singing. Especially his opening verse a minute & a quarter into it. “Think I’m leaaavin’ in the morning…” Oh lawd.

Buddy Guy & Eric Clapton: Don’t Know Which Way to Go (mp3)

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  • Eric M.


    Great posts. Check out the new Buddy Guy album – Bring ’em In.

    Also, have come across some great live Robert Plant. Mixes in Zep and new stuff. Very fun.

    Eric M.

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