Strays Don’t Sleep

UPDATE – 12/7/2005 “For Blue Skies” was on “One Tree Hill” tonight. Mp3 below…. For all you people who like that sound, that’s Matthew Ryan on vocals. Check out his stuff (some links below).

I’ve blogged about Matthew Ryan a couple times before. I just found out about his latest project, a band called Strays Don’t Sleep, which consists of Ryan (vox, guitars, keys), Neilson Hubbard (vox, guitars, synth), Brian Bequette (guitar, loops and keys), Billy Mercer (bass guitar) and Steve Latanation (drums).

I just eat up the atmosphere Ryan evokes in his music. Quiet, stark, and desparate with a tinge of hope. These songs from Strays Don’t Sleep fit that mold. The CD is apparently only available in the UK right now through Bjork’s label, One Little Indian. But looks like it should be released in the US soon. They have a cool My Space site you can check out, as does Matthew Ryan, both of which are streaming tunes. Also, if only for aesthetic quality, check out their official web site. You can get lost staring at some of those cool videos / images running throughout their site (I recommend clicking into the Pictures section and watching that beautiful specimen sit down on the bed over and over).

Strays Don’t Sleep: For Blue Skies (mp3) – – the song is also available on iTunes. Support the band, go buy this great song!


  • Parker Ray

    Another really good place to check out Neilson is at this (recently deceased, after a successful two year run) blog called Mystical Beast. You can find Neilson’s entire unreleased album, hailed as a lost classic by many reviewers and people with 3am soul, The TV Sounds Worried. Some of the titles that make me flip are Copilot, Greaser, Sideshow, Astronaut, Wimp, and Drugstore.
    Thanks for posting the above songs. I’ve been avoiding figuring out how difficult it will be to order from Amazon UK. I don’t know much about Matthew Ryan, but I really like that Cars and History song.
    I’m really excited to get the DVD version of this CD to watch the films that correspond with each song. I’d love to know what you think once you get a copy.

  • puppy dog

    thank you! thank you! thank you! i was looking for this song ever since i heard it on one tree hill. he had another song featured in that show: return to me. he’s a pretty good singer. really “emotional”. thanks again for the mp3!

  • Anonymous

    hi, can you PLEASE re-post the mp3 download link?????? PLEASE. i have been looking for a place to download a mp3 for For Blue Skies. i love the song.

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