I Like My Morning Jacket

During my work trip to L.A. this week, I had the privilege of seeing My Morning Jacket at the Music Box @ the Henry Fonda Theater. Their latest album, Z, really has endeared me to these guys. But the highlight last night was most definitely “One Big Holiday” (from 2003’s “It Still Moves” – pure unadulterated guitar driven assault on the senses (and the eardrums). One of those concert moments where you take a look around and everyone is beaming and totally in the moment. The band was tight as hell throughout, and their manic head-banging during the heavy parts of the night was infectious and fun to watch.

Another favorite of mine was “Dondante” (from ‘Z’). Starting off quiet, building up to the crescendo (“You had me worried, so worried that this would last”), and finishing off with a sax solo… great stuff. Check out their stuff, and definitely catch them live if you can.

As a whole, awesome show; though I’m starting to get rude reminders that I’m getting old. The first half of the show I was standing 5 deep from the stage, but damn if didn’t get really tired of standing. So I made my way to a nice seat in the balcony for the second half. Oh cruel hands of time!

My Morning Jacket:
One Big Holiday (mp3)
Dondante (mp3)

(both live at the Vogue Theater in Indianapolis, Indiana, October 23, 2005)

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