Marah Live Video

Thanks to Zack from the great city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we have video from Marah’s performance at Mad Planet in Milwaukee last week. Here they are singing “Barstool Boys” from their fantabulous 2000 release, ‘Kids in Philly’. Dave and Serge Bielanko are in vintage rock star form, and as a bonus, you get some quality Serge stage banter.


  • acpg

    Caught Marah’s recent show in San Diego with about 20 other people in the room. A testament to the shitty (clueless) music scene here, but an incredible show. Also recently got a full-length DVD of their Barcelona show from someone on the boards at Marah’s site. A couple of glitches in the DVD, but a great show.

    P.S. Thanks for the great site…enjoy your posts and share many of your tastes in music…

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