Natalie Portman Rap on SNL

Another SNL instant classic last night as the Lonely Island guys presented a digital short. Natalie Portman’s profane raps, Andy Samberg dressed as a viking… They’re on a roll!

Watch this before NBC pulls them off of You Tube like they did with Chronic – WHAT – cles of Narnia….

aaannd… that does it for the video. It’s been “removed due to copyright infringement.” But bravo to NBC for rushing it up on their site. You can view the video here.

NBC has a little side note on that page:

Now, instead of searching the web for “borrowed” NBC highlights, you can go to the source! We’ve taken your viral [sic?] favorites and gathered them into one convenient location. Watch. React. Tell a friend.

At least NBC is figuring out that they need to provide this content on the web ASAP, or a host of others will do it for them. Also, the Lonely Island guys (Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone and Andy Samberg) and Chris Parnell need fat raises from Lorne Michaels for breathing new life into SNL.

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