Funk,  Prince

Prince’s Party House

I tell you, sometimes this blog just writes itself. The latest Prince news is that the landlord of his rented West Hollywood home (70,000 smackers a month!!), Utah Jazz forward Carlos Boozer, sued him for violating the lease agreement. The list of infractions drills right to the core of the eccentric purple man:

  • “painting the exterior of the [house] with purple striping”, ‘Prince symbol’, and the numbers ‘3121’.
  • “installing purple monogrammed carpet” in the master bedroom.
  • the installation of plumbing, piping, and excavation of a “large hole” for the presumed purpose of a private beauty salon.

You mean I’m not the only one who has a home beauty salon in a hole? I feel so unoriginal now!

Man, 70 G’s a Month

Prince: Housequake (7 Minutes mo’ Quake) [mp3] – from the 12″ extended remix single of “Hot Thing”. Original version found on Sign o’ the Times.


  • Jim

    Well, 70, 000 / month in mortage sets the value of the property at $12,000,000. In west hollywood for 10 bedrooms, tennis court, pool, water garden and apparently your very own pit of despair, not a bad price.

  • justavibe

    I’ll say the same thing that was said on Best Week Ever “My only question is WHY is Prince renting?”. LoL, what will Prince get into next? Thanx 🙂

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