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Ick’s Pick: En’ A-Free-Ka


The new album from Shafiq Husayn is blowing my mind. En’ A-Free-Ka is an hour long journey through strange sounds, funky Parliament-arian grooves, futuristic hip-hop soundscapes.
Seriously, when I listen to this album, it feels like I’m listening to sounds I shouldn’t be hearing for another 20 years. It feels ahead of its time.

Thanks to SiriusXM’s Subsoniq radio show on Backspin for the Shafiq interview and spins.

I had to include these two – favorites right out of the gate…

  • The U.N. Plan (mp3)
  • Major Heavy feat. Sonny Coates and Count Bass D (mp3)

BUY: En’a-Free-Ka

Visit: Shafiq’s

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