Bruce Live on GMA

There was no better way to start off the last day of my vacation this morning than by watching the Boss and his Seeger Sessions Band perform “Jacob’s Ladder” on Good Morning America. I was seriously moved as Bruce and his 17 member band ripped the top off the convention center in Asbury Park, NJ and let the Lord’s light shineth down below (and I’m no religious dude, mind you). WOW. It was moving to see and hear. My two year old was yelling for more Bruce as it cut away to a commercial break. Can’t blame her, really. Boy, I really have my little girl on the right track!

Bruce Springsteen & the Seeger Sessions Band
: Jacob’s Ladder (mp3) – live on Good Morning America, April 25th, 2006

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  • Paul

    my girlfriends dad is a big bruce fan. know anywhere I can find some good stuff he might not have heard? He was at Leeds Groundhay Park in 85.

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