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115 Degrees and Bruce


No, you’re not hallucinating, it’s going to be 115 degrees here in the Phoenix area today. This is the time of year when we desert dwellers seriously question our sanity. On top of that, it’s Springsteen time tonight at the Glendale Arena, and having General Admission floor tickets, my wife and I get to line up early for the ol’ wristband lottery! The show should be great if the entire GA floor isn’t passed out from heat exhaustion. Ahhh summer time.

Some Springsteen items….

  • AOL Music is featuring a video performance from each stop on Bruce’s US tour. You can check out what’s up so far right here.
  • Reader Brad from Bristol forwarded me this link showing what is undeniably Bruce Springsteen busking in the street in Sweden (I think) in 1990, singing “The River” in front of a stunned and appreciative crowd. I can’t read French, so if anyone cares to translate some of it, great.


  • Kay

    A very quick translation: As a total fan I always want to convince everyone, absolutely everyone, that this guy is the best of the lot. However it desn’t always work. So, i’m trying this today – one of those good stories which are the stuff of legends…
    1990, in Scandinavia, in Sweden I think, a guy playing guitar, Springsteen walks down the street before his concert, and because it’s not for nothing that he’s the Boss, he stops and lends a hand..
    So, Ok, it’s a pooor picture, the sound is only just OK, the guy who was playing is ridiculous, but Springsteen is ‘royal’ (regal??) and plays his best song, ‘The River’

  • Kay

    People gather and the silly guy receives manna/unexpected good fortune!

    A view bits I don’t have time to get, I’d need to sort out what all the accented characters are, but basically the first reply is standing up for the busker, another saying they had heard of this but didn’t believe it existed.

    Look forward to reading teh Glendale review 🙂

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