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Go to Sleep with the Avett Brothers

Another tip o’ the hat to Sirius for turning me on to some more good new music. The Avett Brothers are a trio from Concord, North Carolina made up of Scott & Seth Avett, and Bob Crawford. Scott plays banjo and kick drum. Seth plays guitar and high hat. Bob plays the stand-up bass. Their mixture of thrashing, old-timey, acoustic melodies have them thrown into the category of “punkgrass”. But you can’t really pigeonhole them into any category.

Whatever the genre, the Avett Brothers are pretty damn refreshing. Their new CD, Emotionalism, was released in May, and is strong from top to bottom. It’s a good sign when it’s hard to select one song (be sure to check out “Shame” and “Die Die Die”, and – well – just pick up the whole thing).

The Avett BrothersGo To Sleep (mp3)

Buy their new CD, Emotionalism, on Amazon or The Avett Brothers - Emotionalism.

Check out their Official Site | MySpace | YouTube page

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