They Blew Up the Chicken Man in Milwaukee last night

bruce in milwaukee

I finally got my greedy hands on the Seeger Sessions version of “Atlantic City”, which opened the Phoenix show that I attended. This one comes from the Milwaukee show all the way back on June 14th (okay, well, last night). I love this arrangement. It was a great opener in Phoenix, the place just came alive when the band exploded into the song part way into it. Last night in my birth state of Wisconsin, the tune was #3 on the set list. Check it out.

Bruce Springsteen & the Seeger Sessions Band: Atlantic City (mp3) – live at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, WI

So I recently posted about “Rag Mama Rag”, a song by The Band that Bruce has been playing on this tour. Well, let’s swap spots and hear The Band’s version of “Atlantic City”. This came out on their ‘Jericho‘ album, released in ’93.

The Band: Atlantic City (mp3)


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