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highway companion

Well, I’m excited. ‘Highway Companion’, the new Tom Petty solo album – produced by Jeff Lynne, along with Petty and Heatbreakers guitarist Mike Campbell – will be released on July 25th. I’m enjoying the first single, “Saving Grace”, but hearing “Big Weekend”, another track off the album, has really got me fired up.

“Big Weekend” has that Jeff Lynne production signature sound that made ‘Full Moon Fever’ and the Traveling Wilburies albums such great guitar strummin’, carefree and loose records. “Big Weekend” certainly brings me back to ‘Full Moon Fever’, which came out in 1989 (anyone else hear a little “Yer So Bad” in there?). That was the year that my high school sweetheart and I split, and I hit the road on a long road trip with a friend (Graceland, South Carolina, Virginia, Philly, Ohio, back up to the thriving metropolis of Racine, Wisconsin). ‘Full Moon Fever’ accompanied me through both of those very different adventures. I don’t know how many times I sang “and I’ll probably be feelin’ a whole lot better when you’re goooone.” Ah, to be 19 with a broken heart.

I’m thinking that ‘Highway Companion’ is going to play that role in many people’s lives this summer. “Big Weekend” is definitely one of my top candidates for song of the summer. I’ll be jamming it on my 8 hour road trip in a few weeks, where I’ll really find out if ‘Highway Companion’ lives up to its name. I have a feeling it will.

Tom Petty: Big Weekend (Quicktime) | Big Weekend (WMP)


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