An Ode to eMusic

Yeah, I figured it’s time for a shameless plug. Hear me out though… eMusic.

eMusic is an online music store that focuses on independent record labels. I had never signed up for one of these subscription music services (Napster, Rhapsody, etc.), but when I found myself paying a buck per song on iTunes or MSN Music a bunch of times per month, I decided to give eMusic a try (especially given their support of the indy labels).

I signed up for the basic plan, $9.95 per month for 40 downloads. I find that to be a pretty sweet deal. If you’re a regular music blog reader, you like to be exposed to new music. The cool thing for me is it’s exposing me to a bunch of new artists. I just recently started running again, so my new favorite thing is to download a bunch of tunes I’ve never heard off of eMusic, load ’em up on my iPod, and hit the treadmill. Now I actually can look forward to my exercise because I know I’ll be checking out new music in the process. Today I listened to the new Raconteours (awesome), old Fugazi (one of those bands that I’ve never really exposed myself to), the Black Keys, and A.F.I. (great for bursts of energy).

Anyways, enough of my sales pitch, but I’m serious, you’ll love it. You can check them out for free and get 25 free downloads in the process. If you don’t like it (and you will like it, trust me), you can cancel and keep the tunes. Yes, I do get a couple of bucks if you sign up, but this will definitely benefit you more than it will me. Try it out…..

Check out eMusic.

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  • Laura

    I am an eMusic subscriber too. This is a great subscription service. One very nice feature is that you can download the songs you buy any number of times without being charged additional fees. Also, there is no limit to the number of devices you can download to or from. You can always log on to your profile and access all the files you have already downloaded. They also have a terrific forum where I’ve discovered new favorites from other eMusic subscribers. As Pete says, give it a try.

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