While I prepare another earth shattering music post, here’s a couple of items to check out…

  • Supergroup Golden Smog (members of Wilco, Jayhawks, Soul Asylum) returns Tuesday with another record, ‘Another Fine Day’. The first single is called “5-22-02.” It’s quite enjoyable and you can check it out over at So Much Silence.
  • I encourage all alpha males to head over to Iowa Hawk to cast your vote for Miss Hoosegow 2006, your choice for the loveliest of the incarcerated females at the Polk County Jail in Des Moines, Iowa (I agree with the majority of voters thus far).

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  • Jim

    Jimmy Pop told us “A Lap Dance Is So Much Better When The Stripper Is Crying” but this is kinda pushes it. This crowd really goes for the beaten down look. They heavily favor the shots where the inmate looks terrified.

    Tammi looks like the third starlet in a slasher film who just saw the knife come out. Megan and Lacey look as though they were just told their puppy died. Then there’ Ashley “A” who look like she is the slasher who is about to pull the knife. Very chilling.

    Kinda makes sense when you explore the sponsor links. “Bush was Right!” BoldConservative.com and BileSnarkSneer. Well, now we know who is voting.

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