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Joe Ely with the Boss in Dublin

ely and springsteen

This would make a great St. Patrick’s day post, but it’s only September, and I’m way too impatient to sit on this show for too long. The date is St. Patty’s Day 1996. The location is Dublin, Ireland. Joe Ely and Bruce Springsteen both find themselves overseas on their latest tours (Joe for Letter to Laredo, Bruce for The Ghost of Tom Joad).

It was the last night of Joe’s tour, playing in front of a raucous Dublin crowd. And lo and behold, who’s in the house but his friend Bruce, who comes on stage to join Joe for a handful of the last few songs of the evening. I’d call this a pretty decent way to celebrate a St. Patty’s Day…

By the way, I’m curious, does any Bruce / Ely aficionado out there know how far back Springsteen and Ely go, where / how they met, etc.?

Joe Ely
March 17, 1996
Dublin, Ireland
w/ special guest Bruce Springsteen

Gallo Del Cielo
Ranches & Rivers
Spanish Love Scene
Rode Goes On Forever
Saint Valentine
I Saw It In You
Run Preciosa (fades out)
Letter To Laredo
Gangster Of Love (Sung by lead guitarist Jesse Taylor, RIP 1950-2006)
Me & Billy The Kid
Road Hog
BBQ & Foam
All Just To Get To You *
Oh Boy *
Settle For Love *
1000 Miles From Home
My Eyes Got Lucky
Fingernails Medley *
Blowin’ Down The Road *

* with Bruce Springsteen


  • Pete

    LOL… such a dark mysterious figure, that Esteban! Reminds me of SNL… “Good evening, welcome to the – How you say? – AH YES! – Show! I am Antonio… a-Banderas!”

  • Ed

    I was at that gig…actually i am the one with both hands clapping between Joe and his guitarist Teje…

    Great great night…I have been looking for this picture for ages (i first saw it on Mojo).

    anyone know who the photographer is?

  • Teye

    Hello this is Teye, I am the flamenco guitarist on stage.

    I remember this show very well: the last evening of that 1996 tour to Italy, Netherlands, Germany, England, Scotland, and Ireland. I blew up the speakers they’d rented for me that night. Bruce Springsteen was exceptionally gracious. This was the second time I had played with him.

    Does anyone have a sound or video recording of this show? Or even a high resolution version of this picture? I have almost nothing of those days.



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